5pcs 20mm Coil with Normal 5pin XLR

5pcs 20mm Coil with Normal 5pin XLR

Product Code:5pcs 20mm Coil with normal 5Pin XLR
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GIMIDO 20mm Coils fit Quartz Banger Nail. Use NiChrome(Ni80Cr20) Resistance Wire. 

This Coil Diamter is  20mm.Height is 15mm;120V100W; 

Heat up 710F immediately, only 1 minutes. Long work Life Design.  Made in China.


Best NiChrome(Ni80Cr20) Resistance Wire.

  • Ni80Cr20 Resistance Wire
  • Pure MgO Tube insulation
  • SUS321 as sheath material
  • 120V100W
  • 20mm sizes

Simple setup and operation

  • Inner Diameter 20mm.
  • 15mm Height.
  • 5 Pin Normal XLR Plug
  • 1500mm Kevlar Length
  • Heat up to 710F fastly

XLR Diagram(Default fit HumboldtEnail Units & 710Electric Units)

  • Pin1 is power for coil;
  • Pin2 is power for coil;
  • Pin3 is TC+;
  • Pin4 is TC-;
  • Pin5 is ground;


  • 180 days 

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