How to DIY E-nail

How To DIY Enail

First, you need to buy the parts as below,

1. Aluminum case or other case, wood case,plastic,etc. 

2. PID Controller, 48*48mm size, or 24*48mm size.

3. Coil with Regular XLR male,Avi Female or mini XLR female, recommmend to buy Regular XLR or Mini XLR.

4. Female XLR, Avi male, Mini XLR male,

5. Power Socket 3pin(include the ground pin, very important).

6. Rocker Switch 4pin or 3 pin, We recommend 4pin,easy to connect

7. SSR (small ssr or regular ssr), we recommend small ssr, save money.

8. LED button if you want to have crazy thing (flashing) when dabs.

9. Power Cable(USA & Canada Standard or Europe Standard)

10. Some wires( 40" length enough)

11. Some connectors


If you buy all enail parts, then check the aluminum case pre-cut or not.

If not you can cut-out by yourself for pid, XLR female,Rocker Switch, Power Socket,Led Button.

GIMIDO enail parts need below size for parts.

PIDs: 45*45mm or 22*45mm;

XLR: Diameter 23.5mm;

Rocker Switch: 27.5*22.2mm;

Power Socket: 32.5*

Led Button: Diameter 16mm;

OK. Now we cut-out all holes.

Next step is assemble enail as diagram.

GIMIDO provide all enail parts diagram, if you buy our enail parts, please contact us if you need diagram.